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Globosome is an exploratory action adventure for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
In Globosome, players take on the role of a dark little spherical being that replicates into a swarm by feeding on its natural environment. The swarm enables the player to accomplish tasks that would be impossible alone.

Art Director: Sascha Geddert
Game Design: Fabian Schaub
Programming: Thomas Krüger
Producer: Franziska Remmele
3D Artist: Tonio Freitag
Sound Design: Nami Strack
Music: Maryna Aksenov
Additional 3D Artist: Ogi Schneider
Additional 3D Artist: Christian Hertwig
Additional 3D Artist: Kyra Buschor
Interface Design, Trailer: Patrick Poelchau
Concept Art: Tobias Trebeljahr